Since the case of Doxy Watch is hand-polished, it takes time to deliver the product. Please note that it will take about a month.
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    Refund policy

    When you receive the item, please check if the item is different from the one you ordered or if the item is missing.

    [About initial defects]
    We make every effort to ensure the quality, but if the product is damaged or defective, we will accept returns or exchanges. In that case, we will bear the return shipping fee.

    Please be sure to contact us by email or phone within 7 days after receiving the item.

    In the case of initial failure of a large product, we will replace the defective part.

    Sorry for your inconvenience, but please attach a photo of the damaged or defective part and specify the situation in as much detail as possible when contacting us.

    Please do not discard the cardboard boxes etc. that you are packing until you confirm that the product is not defective.

    We will respond as soon as possible, but please note that it may not be possible to replace it immediately depending on the stock status.

    Regarding refunds in the case of returned goods due to defective products, we will promptly refund to the specified account.

    To return a large assembled product, the customer's packaging is required when the product is delivered to the delivery company. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please pack the product to the state it was in when it was delivered.

    When using other companies' services such as on-site assembly on the customer side after delivery of the product, please be sure to check the packaged product before making an arrangement.

    Please understand in advance that we will not compensate for business trip assembly fees, business trip expenses, etc. due to the discovery of damage or missing parts during assembly, such as on-site assembly at the same time as product delivery.

    Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for more than 8 days after delivery.

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