Since the case of Doxy Watch is hand-polished, it takes time to deliver the product. Please note that it will take about a month.
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    Dear Dachshund lover

    My name is John Rose, I have been a watch designer for 15 years and have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s largest watch brands. The Doxie watch is my creation.

    Besides watches, my other love is for my family; my wife, Julie, son Harry, and our two furry, short-legged bundles of fun and energy, Sophie and Ella.

    A little while ago, a friend of mine, David, came to visit. We were enjoying a glass (or two) of red and laughing at Sophie and Ella charging around the house together on their short legs, when David said, “You should design a Dachshund watch. It would have to have a big, oversize dial with two short little hands in the middle, just like your dogs.”

    I pondered…

    Anyone who has a Dachshund will recognise that these dogs have style. It was therefore crucial for me to design my Doxie watch to the very highest standards.


    The Design

    An elegant, large watch face with minimalist features embodies the classic timeless design of the watch. Unique, short hands to pay tribute to our Dashie’s tiny legs.

    The genuine leather underside of the strap is a vibrant red, in homage to the sole of Christian Louboutin heels. The outer is also the very highest-grade leather, giving a luxurious feel and finish.

    Attention to detail can be seen throughout the watches. Colour matched stitching has been used on the underside of the strap, which is then finished with a contrasting red ‘keeper’ that holds the tail of your strap in place.

    The watch case, made from the best, surgical grade stainless steel, is hand polished and finished in either silver or rose gold. The dial has applied silver or rose gold indices on the hour. The sleek side profile of the watch is beautiful from every angle.

    The movement that powers the watch is an ultra slim Japanese quartz movement, the most reliable and accurate available. (Surprisingly more reliable than our Dashies ability to sit, or fetch - see the Sophie cartoons below)

    I named one of the watches after Sophie, who is our loving, shorthaired black and tan. This watch has a black strap and dial and a rose gold case, just like her.

    Not to be left out, our mischievous little longhaired red mini, Ella, also has her own watch, with a tan strap and rose gold case to match her beautiful colouring.

    I hope that you have as much fun with your Doxie watch as I have had designing it for you.

    With Love,
    John Rose

    Sophie & Ella
    Melbourne, Australia

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