Since the case of Doxy Watch is hand-polished, it takes time to deliver the product. Please note that it will take about a month.
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    From May 2021, we will develop Doxie Jewelry, an accessory brand with a Dax motif.
    The first new product is this product, which was completed based on customer feedback. These pierced earrings show the profile silhouette of the dachshund when the charms sway and overlap.
    The most frequently asked voice during the questionnaire was "a simple and sophisticated one that you will not get tired of everyday with your dog."
    Therefore, it was this silhouette that designers could use everyday, but it was not too casual, and they devised beautiful and lean designs many times.
    * Designer sketch

    In addition, the material is 316L, which does not rust and is less likely to cause allergies, assuming a situation where you spend your time actively for a walk.

    As a benefit of starting sales in May, you can get a 20% discount by using the coupon code "DJ2021" at the time of payment.

    However, since the number of productions is still small, it may be sold out within the period. Please note.

    In that case, we will inform you about the next arrival at the official online shop etc. at a later date. I kindly thank you.

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